Giving Thanks

November 24th 2021

Wow, what a year it has been! There is so much to be thankful for, as well as, much I could have gone without. Sometimes what has happened in the past weighs me down, makes it hard for m to get out of bed, and can make me procrastinate on the little things. I'm excited for this next year and fresh beginnings.

My goal is to step into this next year with open arms, big smiles, and lots of curiosity! I believe if I practice mindfulness and squash the self-doubt I can achieve anything. This last year (2021) I learned a lot. I ended up over-working myself and I learned what a bad work environment is and how it negatively affected my mental health.

Let me go on a tangent-- When COVID first hit I was still working at a grocery store. I saw the panic of everyone who came the store and swiped the shelves clean. I saw the way the store was trying to manage product so that not everything would run out at once. I saw the literal fear and the extreme sanitizing of everything we touched every second of the day. It was terrifying to say the least... On the other hand I was also working Real Estate. EVERYTHING that I began to learn changed. There was only one party allowed at showings at a time, we had to wear masks, gloves, and sanitize anything we touched. Open houses completely changed, we had to disclose COVID and keep track of who came in and out of the home. The market was INSANE. Nobody had EVER seen anything like it before, some were even saying it was much worse the the crash in 2008. So, here I am a new agent trying to create business and the entire world shuts down. I had no idea what to do and no one else knew what to do. I was scared.

In conclusion, a lot happened in 2021 and as the holiday season approaches, I have a lot to be thankful for. Making it out of COVID alive with my friends and family safe. Being able to choose my career and dive straight in even though times were tough. Meeting wonderful new people who have changed my life for the better. I could not be more thankful!

Thank you for reading!


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